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Glass declared number 1 by European consumers (InSites 2016)

Environmental and food safety concerns drive Europeans to use more glass packaging?

85% of Europeans prefer glass?

1 out of 2 Europeans claim to use more glass? (vs. 2014)

53% of Europeans believe glass is the safest food packaging material?

73% of Europeans believe glass is the safest packaging material for drinks?

76% of Europeans believe glass is the most environmentally-friendly packaging material? (+50% vs. 2008)

74% of all glass bottles in Europe are collected and recycled?

More than 8 in 10 Europeans prefer their wine in glass?

3 in 4 young Europeans (74%) prefer glass?

6 in 10 young Europeans see glass the most environmentally friendly packaging?

Glass – a sustainable packaging choice

Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled time and time again?

The glass industry is committed to the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (learn more)?

Recycled glass packaging can be recycled into a new container in as little as one month?

Each time one tonne of cullet is recycled in a glass furnace, about 580kg CO2 is saved throughout the supply chain?

Over a tonne of virgin raw materials are saved for every ton of recycled glass?

Producing glass from recycled glass reduces air pollution by 20% and water pollution by 50%?

Glass is an ideal packaging choice for consumers’ health?

Glass is flavorless and odorless and doesn’t alter the taste of food and drinks?

The European Glass Industry contributes €9.5 billion to the EU annual GDP?

More than 50% of glass bottles are delivered to customers within a 300km distance?

The European Glass provides 125.000 jobs every year across Europe?

Nearly all of Europe’s glass plants now operate on natural gas, reflecting our commitment to climate action?

We’ve halved the amount of energy used per tonne of glass over the last 40 years?

Every year we invest 610 million euros (over 10% of our costs) in upgrading container glass plants to become more sustainable?