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What is the role of design in glass packaging?

Packaging design is a means of communicating a brand’s identity to consumers, fostering emotional connections that last and enhancing the overall consumer experience.

That’s why a unique packaging design can increase brand awareness, and be the deciding factor that leads consumers to choose one product over another.

And glass packaging’s premium look and feel ensures that products packaged in glass can forge their own iconic identity – one that helps them to stand out on the shelves, while being kind to the environment.

Why does packaging design matter?

For most of human civilisation, packaging served exclusively as a way to transport, store, and protect goods. It was not until the 20th century that packaging started to merge with branding to became one. Since then, packaging design has become a true brand ambassador on the shelves, as the consumer’s first point of contact with a product, at a moment that can strongly influence their purchasing decisions. That’s why packaging remains a crucial way for brands to maximise their appeal and convey their essence and commitments at a glance – and why glass continues to appeal to generations of consumers and brands alike.

Why is glass the ideal material for product package design?

Glass is a versatile, trustworthy and authentic material

Glass is an iconic, stylish and premium packaging that appeals to all five senses.

With unlimited options for creative shapes, gradient design and embossing, unique glass packaging designs can capture the core characteristics of a brand. Through this authenticity, glass packaging design highlights the provenance and heritage of regional products. That’s why glass has become a packaging material that people are inspired to save, reuse, and even share on social media platforms.

Glass transparency adds to premiumisation 

Glass has a transparent appearance that merges perfectly with the natural ingredients of the products inside. It is no coincidence that glass is associated with premium credentials and has a long-standing partnership with the cosmetics and perfume industries.

Glass feels premium, looks premium and stands out on shelves against products packaged in alternative materials. But, with so many products on the shelves, what is the role of glass packaging design in differentiating a brand and influencing people’s decisions?


How does packaging enhance a brand?

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Glass is a marketing and communication tool

When consumers enter a shop, they are immediately greeted by a hundred different product variants and numerous competing packaging designs, all competing for their attention. In such a competitive market, consumers look for recognisable brands to help them navigate through a jungle of products.

Products packaged in glass stand out on crowded supermarket shelves with their stylish and unique embossed designs, eye-catching colours and shapes that help brands create a differentiated and authentic identity that reflects the quality of the product within.

Glass packaging inspires creativity

Glass can be made into almost any shape, colour, and texture imaginable. For this reason, glass ignites creativity as each design comes with its own personality.

For example, glass can be transformed from a Bordeaux wine bottle to a perfume bottle or even a jam jar by adjusting the size, neck, body, or bottom.

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Glass is made from natural ingredients – making it best for preserving taste and quality​. As a tasteless and odourless material with no chemical interaction, glass prevents the transfer.




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