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Media Partnerships

Explore the various media outlets that cover the latest glass packaging news.

Glass Worldwide

Glass Worldwide is one of the most dedicated and active media partners for the industry. It is a leading bi-monthly glass magazine for all sectors and regions, presenting the latest news, views and technical advances to glass professionals around the world. Each issue features editorial contributions from FEVE, and previous personality profiles have focused on current and former FEVE presidents, such as Stefan Jaenecke and Niall Wall. Glass Worldwide has preferred journal status for FEVE and other key European organisations, including Glass for Europe, Glass Alliance Europe, BV Glass, ATIV, IPGR, Assovetro, ESG 2014, and Glass Global. In recognition of its global position, Glass Worldwide is also the preferred journal of AIGMF, AFGM, GPI, GMIC and GPC. To request copies or media information, please visit

Glass Worldwide also co-hosts the biennial GlassPrint conference, which focuses on all types of glass decoration. Visit for more information about the next edition.

Glass International

Glass International provides readers with the latest news from across the hollow, container, flat and specialty glass industries and is the official media partner for Glassman events worldwide. In addition to 10 English-language issues per year, the magazine is published twice a year in Chinese and Russian to reach non-English-speaking markets. The magazine focuses on industrial, economic and environmental issues affecting the industry and includes articles discussing the latest developments and challenges in glass manufacturing.

Each issue is distributed in a circulation of approximately 5500 copies to subscribers and audiences around the world, including: Container, float and specialty glass manufacturers, glass processors, suppliers of equipment and services to the glassmaking industry, research institutions, technical consultants, academic institutions and end users of glass. A digital version of the magazine is available to subscribers, along with a weekly e-newsletter with the top news each week. The website includes daily news updates, event listings and web features. Read more online

Glass Online

GLASSONLINE.COM is the leading web service for the world of glass with more than 1.8 million hits per month.

The service includes an international glass database, the World Yellow Pages, and the GLASSONLINE CLUB, reserved for subscribers, offers: a daily world news bulletin (more than 18,000 news items saved since 1996), news articles and magazine articles (including more than 1,000 articles). In addition, GLASSONLINE.COM also offers an illustrated glass dictionary, second-hand equipment, trade opportunities, employment opportunities, exhibitions and meetings, a forum, “how to say glass”, an agent’s guide, glass antiques and much more.

Packaging Europe

FEVE regularly partners with Packaging Europe (Europe’s leading packaging magazine) to publish news about developments in the world of glass and commentary on the properties and benefits of glass as a packaging material. In addition to its partnership with FEVE, Packaging Europe publishes all news and views on the dedicated glass packaging section of the website. Please contact Tim Sykes, Packaging Europe editor, on +44 (0)1603 414 444 or to share your press releases, videos and ideas.

Glass Open Book

GOB is a new digital platform aimed at glass industry professionals involved in Production, Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Purchasing, Training, HR, R&D, QA, IT, Business Development and so many more, as well as for those who are looking for a job in the glass industry or want to increase their professional competence in the field of glassmaking.

Glass Open Book provides the glass industry companies with tools and services that increase their visibility online among customers and partners. Glass Open Book media team creates high-quality media content to revolutionize the way glass industry digital marketing works, with the goal of creating the world’s largest glass industry network, uniting the power of the many to ensure the prosperity for all. Working with FEVE allows GOB to address the important issues of sustainable development, responsible glass container production and consumption via Glass Open Book media channels

Glass Global Directory

Glass Global Directory provides you with comprehensive insight and the latest news on the glass industry manufacturers, suppliers, accessories and technologies worldwide. In the Directory section you will find a complete and updated profile of FEVE member companies as well as other container glass manufacturers in Europe and around the world.

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