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The Glass Hallmark

Glass – the endlessly recyclable packaging that never stops protecting.

Introducing the Glass Hallmark

We all strive for a more sustainable future. As people all over Europe are taking more steps to reduce their environmental footprint, they are also becoming more vocal in their expectations that businesses do more to help them make more sustainable choices.

The glass packaging industry has long been a trusted partner for helping businesses and individuals act in line with these desires. As we collectively work towards a more sustainable future, we want to remind the world what they already love about glass and the value it brings in making that future a reality.

That’s why we’ve created the Glass Hallmark.

Join the Glass Hallmark


With the hallmark you can join our movement in three ways – helping to raise awareness among consumers that choosing glass is something they can do today, to ensure a more sustainable tomorrow.


1. Include the Glass Hallmark on your products packaged in glass to encourage consumers to recycle


On pack applications; printed on glass, embossed on the glass packaging, printed on the label or printed on a transparent sticker


2. Use the Glass Hallmark in your communications materials to help drive awareness of the infinite recyclability of glass

3. Collaborate with us on communications initiatives to improve the recycling rate of glass across Europe

Each element of the Glass Hallmark symbolises the commitment we make when we choose glass:



We commit to use resources wisely.
Glass is simple and doesn’t pollute the environment: it’s made from sand, soda ash and limestone, all raw materials which are found in nature. It is also infinitely recyclable, with endless lives. The same glass material can be indefinitely reused without any loss of quality, in an endless loop, and recycled again and again into new bottles and jars. This reduces waste, cuts CO2 emissions and saves raw material. Some glass packaging is even reusable, meaning it can be taken back to the store and directly refilled, again and again.


We commit to recycle.
Small actions make a difference. By choosing to buy and recycle glass – already considered the most recyclable and environmentally-friendly packaging by Europeans – everyone can play their part in protecting the health of our planet. People can actively contribute to reduce packaging waste, save raw materials, and help achieve a 100% collection rate across Europe by recycling their glass items wherever possible.


We commit to protect.
 Glass is a sustainably sound packaging material. Because of its inherent properties, glass acts as a safe barrier to external agents, meaning products are safely preserved for longer in glass, even once opened. This makes glass the natural choice for preserving not only the quality of the product, but the health of the people who use it.


The more sustainable future
we strive for will be built step by step and choice by choice, in moments big and small. Every time we choose glass, we are choosing that future, and promising to do our part to make that future real. It’s a promise to protect health – of individuals, of the planet, of society – so that we thrive together for generations to come.

Glass. Choose tomorrow, today.

Q: What does the hallmark represent? Is it a certification stamp or rather a communication tool?

The Glass Hallmark is a communication tool designed by the industry to promote the “recyclability” and “inertness” qualities of glass as materials. It represents the ability of the container glass on which the mark is put to be recycled and to optimally preserve the content as a result of its inert nature.  The Glass Hallmark does not express or claim any other product-related characteristic. It is not and official certification stamp. More specifically, the Glass Hallmark does not constitute any other environmental claim implying in any way e.g., that the glass container concerned contains a minimum percentage of recycled glass or it is effectively recycled at the end of its life.


Q: Why a brand should be interested in making use of the hallmark?

Consumers are increasingly conscious of sustainability, and aware of the impact of their own purchasing choices. The main benefit to brands is having a symbol to easily communicate their own packaging sustainability commitments towards consumers. Packaging remains one of the best channels to communicate – just think of initiatives like the Fairtrade logo, which have come to be universally recognised. By communicating on the point of difference of glass packaging, you can boost the environmental, social and economic sustainability value of the overall product offer, and remind consumers that glass stands out as an infinitely reusable and recyclable packaging that’s already widely recycled, as well as being an inert material that protects the product and makes it last.


Q: What does a brand need to do to make use of the hallmark?

Please fill in the contact form below or email to access the hallmark toolkit, which contains everything you need to know to start implementing the hallmark: technical guidelines for various placement options (embossing, on pack, on labels, digital placement), brand design guidelines, support with messaging and more. The next step would be to get in touch with your glass packaging suppliers to discuss how best to use the hallmark on your own product.


Q: Is the hallmark only available for industry customers?

Absolutely not! Our ambition is to elevate this hallmark to a universally recognised symbol to communicate about the sustainability benefits of glass packaging; and any initiative that would support this is welcome to use the hallmark.


Q: Is the licence free?

Yes, the use of the hallmark is entirely free! All you need to do is sign a licence agreement with FEVE, because it is a registered trademark.

Want to use the Glass Hallmark in your brand’s packaging?

If you are interested in the Glass Hallmark, the usage guideline or if you have any questions, click on the button below:

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Glass is made from natural ingredients – making it best for preserving taste and quality​. As a tasteless and odourless material with no chemical interaction, glass prevents the transfer.




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