Glass hallmark product photos

Here, you will find product photography and other visuals related to the Glass Hallmark available to download and use. For any questions, please visit the dedicated Glass Hallmark website or get in touch.


The glass hallmark is a trademarked communication tool designed by the industry to promote the “recyclability” and “inertness” qualities of glass as a material. It represents the ability of the container glass on which the mark is put to be recycled and to optimally preserve the content as a result of its inert nature. It can be used on every glass container irrespective of the way in which this glass container was manufactured, unless in a way that prevents the glass container concerned to be recyclable.

The glass hallmark is a bottle-shaped circular arrow containing a hand and leaves. The logo exists in two main variants to be adapted to different needs of our customers: one representing a glass bottle (for beverage containers and flacons) and one representing a glass jar (for food containers). The trademarked logo intends to express two distinctive features of container glass, i.e. its recyclability and inert nature which is critical for preservation of the product it contains. The logo also expresses the inertness of the material and its content preservation qualities (the hand and leaves).

The glass hallmark does not express or claim any other product-related characteristic. It is not an official certification stamp. More specifically, the glass hallmark does not constitute any other environmental claim implying in any way that, for example, the glass container concerned contains a minimum percentage of recycled glass or that it is effectively recycled at the end of its life.