BA Glass levels up learning with “Glass Seeds” educational programme

As a multinational company, present in several countries, BA Glass believes it has a role to play in the development of the communities through education. Consequently, the Group, with the commitment of its shareholders, decided to enlarge its support to more educational projects for younger generations.

In 2020, BA Glass launched a new social responsibility project named “The Glass Seeds”. Through educational support in the local communities where BA operates, this initiative aims to promote equality of opportunity and meritocracy as well as support the development of leaders and citizens ready for a sustainable future.

The Glass Seeds project is based on 4 major pillars:

  • “Education for the foundations” to help schools and organisations overcome the limitation of resources that can delay the educational process and make the difference between school failure and success.
  • “Education for the Future” to help develop specific skills that can better prepare citizens for the demands of the future world of work.
  • “Education for Work” to strengthen the relationship between BA Glass and schools – an essential factor to support a full education, which will enhance the potential and the abilities of students.
  • “Education for the Planet” to encourage environmentally friendly action. The planet is dying, and we can only make an impact if young people are responsible, committed and aware.

In the first year of launching the project, BA Glass created important partnerships with 42 Lisbon, Teach4Portugal, EPIS, Enactus, local schools and many others. Since then, the project has grown in scope, with the cooperation extending to various primary and secondary educational institutions in Poland and Romania.

Glass Seeds in Poland

In Sieraków, BA made progress in the “Education for the Future” and “Education for Work” pillar. BA worked together with the a secondary school to modernize their IT facilities, offering new computers and an updated IT room.

In the same school, local Human Resources are working on the Dual Learning System, promoting Mechanical Workshops designed to develop the technical skills of students. At the moment, to support the city’s renovation of school buildings, BA is providing additional technological equipment. As a result, aside from the training they carry out our plant, students will also have a modern, up-to-date mechanical workshop at school.

At the primary school level, BA has offered Lego Mindstorm packages and trainings to the teachers. Starting in the second semester, BA will also support new cutting-edge robotics classes.

Efforts in Romania

In Romania, the Glass Seeds project is running in partnership with Teach for Romania. Working with Teach for Romania, BA was able to receive a visit from 7th grade children at General School no.1 Cernic who visited the BA plant in Bucharest. The students had the opportunity to see and understand the glass industry up close. This visit included a conversation with the students and an institutional presentation from BA about its vision, values, geographies, plants and people.

In addition, BA is working on a Dual Learning Project, where the company offers scholarships for students to learn through work experience in BA’s facilities. BA employees in Romania said that it is a pleasure to support the learning process in Romania and a great opportunity to meet the future generation.

Although last year was particularly challenging due to the pandemic, the Group has continued to dedicate its best efforts to maintain positive results for the BA Glass Seeds project.

You can learn more about the Glass Seeds project and other BA initiatives in BA Glass’ latest annual report: