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Stakeholder consultation on Chemical, Product, Waste Interface

Brussels, 29 August 2017

Brussels, July 2017

Food packaging should be a focus area for the Commission’s further work on the interface between chemicals, products and waste;
❖ Only food contact materials that can be effectively recycled and that do not pose a risk to human health and the environment should be placed on the market;
❖ Closed loop recycling systems and permanent materials for a clean Circular Economy must be incentivised;
❖ The Product Environmental Footprint Methodology must be improved in the light of the findings and results of this initiative, to better assess the environmental impact of chemical contaminants in materials and products.

See full FEVE reply to the consultation here



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Glass is made from natural ingredients – making it best for preserving taste and quality​. As a tasteless and odourless material with no chemical interaction, glass prevents the transfer.




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