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Case study: Groupe Pochet In’pressive

Brussels, 27 May 2016


The beauty industry has been quite cluttered by so many launches and novelties accum
ulated over  the years. Creating something new that could attract the customer’s attention and stand out from the crowd is becoming increasingly challenging. In such a context, a really outstanding customer experience is difficult to achieve in retail stores, Démos in'pressive Carafewhere product originality is hardly enhanced. This brought Groupe Pochet to ask two questions: how can they facilitate these changes in the industry and how can they help brands to recreate desirability?


Joining forces was the best way to face this challenge: an ecosystem partnership, and a creative “design thinking” collaborative approach between Gr
oupe Pochet, prominent packaging manufacturers, and Centdegrés design agencDémos in'pressive Temps Modernesy resulted in an innovative global solution named “in’pressive!  dessiner le parfum”. In’pressive glorifies perfume by staging the fragrance, sculpting the inner shape with the same accuracy as for the outer shape. The basic principle of in’pressive is quite simple, although a challenge to execute. Shaping a bottle inside, with as much command on details as for the outside requires a wide opening. But a wide opening glass vessel is still not a bottle, it requires to be complemented with a metal & plastic ‘cover’ to become a full-fledged bottle. Once the process is finished, the in’pressive bottle can then follow exactly the same filling process as an ordinary bottle, receive a pump, a cap, etc. in a ‘business as usual’ way. Only with a much more impressive result!


In’pressive is an entirely new way to consider the archetypal bottle, looking at it from a new angle. It also inaugurates a new kind of value chain where glass, plastic and metal cooperate to create a unique obje

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