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Join FEVE at the Glass Association Summit during the glasstec VIRTUAL Event on 21 October 2020

Brussels, 16 September 2020

Michael Delle Selve – Senior Communication Manager from FEVE will intervene at a panel on hollow glass at the Glass Association Summit, powered by Glass Worldwide with an intervention on:

How to translate sustainability challenges into a strategic approach? The future vision of the European Container Glass Industry.

Despite the heavy disruption caused by COVID, sustainability has never been a more prominent issue, and particularly in the packaging sector. Success passes by concretely translating environmental and sustainability challenges into drivers for the future and embedding them in the industrial sectors’ strategies. In FEVE, we are supporting the industry in this process and we would be keen to give highlights of current projects we are building with the purpose.  

The FEVE presentation has been scheduled for 12:10 Central European Time on 21 October during the Glass Association Summit.

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