Glass Packaging Industry calls on Environment Committee MEPs to Close the Loop

Glass Packaging industry’s position
European Parliament’s Own-Initiative report on the new Circular economy action plan
Draft report, MEP Jan Huitema (Renew)
Brussels, 25 January 2021 

European Container Glass manufacturing is a genuine circular model, which perfectly fits with the EU’s ambition to build a circular economy. FEVE – The European Container Glass Industry – therefore fully supports the new European Commission’s Circular Economy Action Plan.

 To close the loop and achieve a complete circular economy for packaging in Europe, we call on Members of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee to consider the following points when amending the Environment Committee’s draft report on the new Circular Economy Action Plan:

  • Promoting infinite recycling and the role of permanent materials
  • Enhancing circularity in a toxic-free environment
  • Optimising separate collection for closed loop recycling for food and beverage packaging

 See full position paper