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“Glass is the Future”, says European Economic and Social Committee

Brussels, 28 October 2021

The European glass sector warmly welcomes the opinion on “Glass in Europe at a crossroads: delivering a greener, energy-efficient industry, while enhancing competitiveness and maintaining quality jobs” that was adopted by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), following recommendations from its Consultative Commission on Industrial Change (CCMI 180).

“The EESC asks EU policymakers to put the glass sector and all its subsectors at the heart of current policy priorities such as the “Fit for 55” package, the Circular Economy Package, the Digital Agenda, the strategic value chains agenda and the EU’s international trade policy and associated instruments”, said Rapporteur Aurel Laurenţiu PLOSCEANU, and President of the Romanian Construction Entrepreneurs’ Association (ARACO). He added: “The European glass industry is an innovative and highly strategic sector from which the EU benefits greatly. Glass products are indispensable to the transition towards a climate-neutral circular economy: for renovating buildings, producing more renewable electricity, decarbonising means of transport and making sustainable packaging. Glass also contributes to Europe’s digitalisation revolution. In short: glass is the future”.

“A supportive and a predictable regulatory environment is vital for Europe’s glass sector as well as support for both capital and operational expenditure is needed to enable the sector deliver a climate neutral circular economy and ensure a successful energy transition. The EESC deserves praise for pointing this out so clearly “, said Johann Overath, President of Glass Alliance Europe.

The European glass sectors call on the European Commission, the Council and European Parliament to acknowledge the recommendations of the EESC, which paves the way towards a meaningful industrial policy for the European glass sector.
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See full version of the 21 June 2021 press release here

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