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Case study: Coca-Cola bottle light

Brussels, 25 May 2016

Lightweighting is an area of substantial interest and concern to most customers as sustainability and carbon footprint have become key priorities. For over two decades Ardagh has been committed to reducing the weights of many standard and proprietary containers through design and manufacturing improvements and the introduction of narrow neck press and blow technology.

Ongoing investing in design technology coupled with carefully targeted changes in the glass forming proCoca Cola Lightweightcess have enabled the design team at Ardagh’s UK glass container manufacturing operation to take the weight of the 330ml Coca-Cola bottle below the 200g level for the first time with a new 190g bottle.

This achievement is the result of a series of incremental improvements, which have seen the 330ml version of the iconic contour bottle reduced in weight from 240g in 2005 to its current weight of 190g. During this process, Ardagh has been able to retain all the bottle’s trademark dimensions, and maintain quality and strength while improving environmental performance.

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