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Case study: Reinforced glass stems

Brussels, 8 July 2016


Bormioli Luigi Spa wanted to drastically reduce breakages of glass stems as a result of abrasions caused by usage, handling and washing of stemglasses.


Enter TITANIUM Reinforced®, a patented permanent anti-abrasion treatment on glass stems.  The process was developed and carried out by applying a titanium coating directly on the stems of glasses.  This process hardens the glass surface, increasing its resistance to abrasions, which are responsible for the fragility of the stems during daily use.


This new technology allows for the reduction of breakages and increased life of products, therefore resulting in a reduction (up to 70%) of annual purchases for users (restaurant, hotels, etc…). In addition, there is a noted reduction of waste by the users and consequently less glass wasted, positively impacting the environment.

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