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FEVE – the European Container Glass Federation celebrates its 40th anniversary

Brussels, 15 June 2017

New executive team to shape the future of the container glass industry

Brussels, 15 June 2017 – FEVE – the European Container Glass Federation is pleased to announce the election of its executive team for the 2017-2019 term of office at its Annual General Assembly held yesterday in Brussels. These appointments mark a significant milestone as FEVE celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.

Johan Gorter, Chief Executive Officer of Ardagh Glass Europe, has been elected as President of the association: “It is an honour to take on this role and I believe that collectively, we can continue to drive innovation and sustainable growth in the glass packaging sector”, said Mr. Gorter. “In the last fifteen years, the consumption of products packed in glass has increased across Europe despite a challenging economy. To ensure that we retain our leadership position I will support our industry in its efforts to drive technology advancement, energy efficiency and circular economy policies which are critical for Europe’s future,” he added.

Jean-Pierre Floris, Chairman and CEO of Verallia Group, has also been elected Vice-President. Commenting on the new FEVE presidency, Jean-Pierre Floris said: “I am delighted to support the new FEVE president. The executive team remains as committed as ever to grow the competitiveness of the container glass industry and deliver sustainable packaging solutions to our customers.”

Today, the container glass industry is a pioneer of the EU circular economy. In the last fifteen years, bottle-to-bottle glass recycling has increased by 139% throughout Europe. Some 1.5 million bottle banks are available across the region and an average of 74% of Europe’s glass is collected for recycling, marking the success of separate collection for glass introduced in Europe in the 1970s and the commitment of the industry to attain the highest recycling rates.

The industry is also an important contributor to the European economy. Every year over €600 million are invested in energy efficiency, decarbonization and upgrades over the 160 manufacturing plants across Europe, contributing to maintain a total of 125,000 direct and indirect jobs. Investments in innovation help to modernise production processes and to produce glass bottles that are 30% lighter than 20 years ago, while still maintaining their product preservation qualities, recyclability, and innovative design.

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About FEVE – The European Container Glass Federation
FEVE is the Federation of European manufacturers of glass containers and machine-made glass tableware. Its members produce over 20 million tonnes of glass per year. The association has some 60 corporate members belonging to approximately 20 independent corporate groups. Manufacturing plants are located across 23 European States and include global blue chip and major companies working for the world’s biggest consumer brands.

About Glass packaging
Glass packaging guarantees the long-time preservation of taste and flavour, safe delivery and attractive presentation of a vast array of consumer products, supplied to European and global markets. Whether used for drinks, food, cosmetics, perfumes or pharmaceuticals, glass packaging plays a vital role in supporting European trade and commerce. Glass is 100 percent and endlessly recyclable in a closed loop, it is inert and it preserves the nutritional qualities and original taste of the products it contains. Glass is the number one packaging preferred by consumers. Visit the Friends of Glass movement on and become a friend of glass.

For more information, contact:
Michael Delle Selve
GSM: +32 475 52 24 58; TEL: +32 2 536 00 82

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