Wiegand-Glas has partnered with biomethane producer bmp greengas to manufacture a ‘greener’ glass bottles for its customer soulproducts.

After soulproducts expressed the wish to produce its glass drinking bottles with biomethane in the future, bmp greengas agreed to supply Wiegand-Glas in February 2021. The soulbottles are now produced exclusively with green gas, which reduces CO 2 emissions.

The range of climate-neutral glass bottles is part of the Eco2Bottle concept, an initiative by Wiegand-Glas for environmentally friendly packaging solutions. What began in 2020 as a package of measures with an additional compensation offer for wine bottles has now been expanded to include bottle production for soulproducts with biomethane, among others.

Lukas Neubauer, Head of Controlling & Corporate Development at Wiegand-Glas said: “In addition to recycled glass, we now also use biomethane in the production process for all soulbottles. We have significantly reduced the CO 2 footprint of the end product again. ”

The use of biomethane – together with the increased use of waste glass, optimised transport packaging and the use of green electricity is said to reduce emissions by more than 75% compared to the original 1.0-litre soulbottle .

Julian Offermann, buyer at soulproducts, said: “We have been continuously optimising our production for years in order to reduce our emissions.

“The switch to biomethane in glass production is an absolute milestone for us. “We are pleased that we were able to convince our long-term partner Wiegand-Glas of the idea so quickly and that they have expanded the Eco2Bottle concept with our product.”

Bmp greengas takes care of the procurement and marketing of the biomethane.

The green gas is produced from municipal waste and in addition, the biomethane comes from Germany, thus creating a low-CO 2 value chain during production and transport .