Our Vision on Glass

Our Future is Glass – the sustainable packaging choice for the 21st century lifestyle

The Container Glass Industry is helping drive sustainable growth for Europe. We live in an age where we must seriously reconsider the way in which we source, produce and consume goods. Glass helps us do this by reconciling our sustainability goals with growth, innovation and competitiveness – ultimately aiming for an economic model that produces virtually no waste as raw materials are continuously used, reused and recycled in a closed loop – a circular economy.

You can learn how the industry is contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals here.

FEVE_vision graphics-health


Health – Glass is the safest choice for health


FEVE_vision graphics-Industry & innovation


Industry & Innovation – The glass manufacturing sector has a craftsmanship which needs fostering


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Circular Economy – The container glass industry is a leader in the implementation of the circular economy mode


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Environment – We only have one planet