Study on impact assessment of Deposit Return Schemes

Brussels, 22 November 2018

To prevent littering and foster more recycling, some Member States are considering setting mandatory deposit-return schemes (DRS) on single-use beverage packaging. For plastic packaging, there are reasons to believe this could happen, given the targets being set in the proposed Single-Use Plastics Directive on collection and recycled content of plastic bottles.

But if a DRS on single-use plastic packaging is introduced, would it also include other materials? To look into this, FEVE commissioned a study to Oakdene Hollins to assess the impact of mandatory DRS measures for single-use beverage containers on glass recycling and the evolution of the packaging market. The study analyses Eurostat data and market data purchased from Global Data on the following product categories: beer, water and soft drinks. These are the product categories commonly covered by a mandatory DRS on single-use beverage packaging.

“Raise the Glass” – Executive Summary

FEVE Opinion Piece on the “Raise the Glass Study”