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Glass packaging demand continues to grow in Europe

Brussels, 18 February 2019

Brussels, 18 February 2019 

Glass packaging production in Europe grew by 1% in volume (tonnes) and by 1% in unit terms in the first half year 2018 compared to the previous half year according to data published today by the European Container Glass Federation, FEVE (Fig 1).  The growth is in line with the Full Year 2017 data, which recorded a growth of 2% in weight terms and 2.4% in units and compares favourably with the historical trend since 2012. Between 2012-2017, production has increased by almost 1.7 million tonnes (8.3% increase) or 6.4 billion units (8.9% increase) (Fig 2). Generally, all food and beverage market segments experienced a demand growth for glass, and the outlook is very positive also for the flaconnage sector for perfumery, cosmetics and pharmacy.

We are encouraged by this positive trend which confirms our belief that brands and consumers are switching to glass for environmental reasons”, comments Adeline Farrelly – FEVE Secretary General.

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See full version of the 18 February 2019 press release here


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