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FEVE will be at The Packaging and Converting Executive (PACE) Forum 2020 – March 11th & 12th in Vienna

Brussels, 25 November 2019

Adeline Farrelly – Secretary General from FEVE will participate in the Panel Discussion :

How packaging materials are adapting in an increasingly changing consumer market context in trends across F&B, Cosmetics, Pharma, Perfumery and Personal Care

  • What are the challenges and opportunities in terms of packaging materials and how does this affect your future strategy?
  • How do these challenges translate in a strategic approach and impact the decision making process?
  • What are the key environmental and economical strategies in packaging materials in multi sectors that reflects consumer needs and drives investment decisions?
  • Where do we see the role of plastics, glass, metal and paper in 5 years? What can the industry do now to prepare for an uncertain future?
  • Understanding which materials are more eco-friendly in terms of collection, production and conversion to increase sustainability in supply chains#
  • How to respond to consumer demands for truly sustainable packaging materials?
  • How to better communicate with the consumer regarding their expectations of sustainability?

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Glass is made from natural ingredients – making it best for preserving taste and quality​. As a tasteless and odourless material with no chemical interaction, glass prevents the transfer.




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