O-I’s Magma innovative glass container production technology ready to start

17 February 2021

A full-scale generation 1 line of O-I’s MAGMA glass manufacturing technology is ready to start production in.

The line, located at its Holzminden, Germany, glass facility, is expected to heat up at the end of February and be in operation in March.

It said this will represent a major milestone and pave the way for broader deployment starting next year.

Andres Lopez, Chief Executive of O-I, the world’s largest container glass manufacturer, told a Q4 financial analysts call that plant personnel are being trained and that the line will be transferred to them over the next three months.

O-I said that the Modular Advanced Glass Manufacturing Asset (MAGMA) will re-imagine the container glass manufacturing process.

It is a flexible, modular, standardised glass production line which ‘will enable rapid mobile capacity expansion in smaller increments’.

Featured Technology Innovation

MAGMA (or Modular Advanced Glass Manufacturing Asset) reimagines the glassmaking process. A flexible, modular, standardized glass production line will enable rapid mobile capacity expansion in smaller increments. This transformation uniquely positions us to help customer brands better capitalize on market opportunities, opening up a new world of possibilities. We currently have both a prototype and pilot operating with this technology, and expect scaled commercial viability by 2023.

For more information you can refer to : https://www.o-i.com/our-story/innovation/

The source of the above content is the magazine Glass International