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O-I lauds glass as ‘packaging choice of the future’ in high-profile report

Brussels, 23 September 2020

O-I lauds glass as ‘packaging choice of the future’ in high-profile report


If you’re worried about the future of the planet and concerned about the health of your loved ones, don’t compromise: choose glass packaging. That’s the message O-I Glass, Inc. sends in its piece published in the new volume of the Future of Packaging Report from Raconteur.

The annual publication reaches players in the food and beverage industry O-I has proudly served for more than a century. Glass has been trusted for generations to protect foods and beverages, and we believe glass’s sustainable nature also makes it the packaging material of choice of the future.

In the 2020 Future of Packaging Report, O-I makes a strong case for why glass is a clear choice for so many reasons. Not only is glass endlessly recyclable, it is also virtually inert, which means it doesn’t interact with the food and beverages it holds. Glass packaging also gives modern consumers exactly what they demand: a sustainable material that’s kinder for the health of the earth as well as the health of earth’s people.

The full article, “Glass Packaging: The Clear Choice for Planet Earth and Human Health” is available on Raconteur’s website.


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Glass is made from natural ingredients – making it best for preserving taste and quality​. As a tasteless and odourless material with no chemical interaction, glass prevents the transfer.




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