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How do brands see the future of sustainable packaging? FEVE at Beverage Packaging Roundtable Forum 2021

Brussels, 23 April 2021

How do brands see the future of sustainable packaging? And how can packaging help to tell the story of sustainability?

This week’s #BevPackVirtual event by Arena International played host to some interesting and highly relevant discussions on how we can learn from our brands, customers and retail partners to present glass as a packaging material that continues to work for the future. Thanks to all who joined us for a round table session on how packaging can help brands tell their sustainability story, led by FEVE’s Head of Marketing and Communications Michael Delle Selve!

As the consumer packaging community, we all have a responsibility to ensure we continue to offer products that bring value, whether that’s in protecting the product, helping cut back on food waste, or addressing hygiene concerns, while also ensuring that the environmental footprint is minimal. Some key points of discussion which arose during the session:

How can brands stand out on sustainability? With sustainability credentials topping the agenda for various competing packaging materials, the packaging space can often be confusing to consumers – and it’s up to industry to reinforce the ultimate value of packaging. Symbols like the new Glass Hallmark can offer a way for brands to stand out and educate consumers on the environmental benefits of the packaging in front of them.

Following through on our commitment to CO2: Consumers are increasingly clued up on all aspects of sustainability, and are asking all the right questions. There is a clear need for industry to address CO2 emissions as its biggest challenge – and that’s why the glass industry is continuing to invest in the ‘Furnace for the Future’ pilot as a pathway to decarbonisation. By working with renewable energy, including more recycled glass in production and scaling the pilot across the industry, we aim to cut emissions by 60%.

Putting in place sustainable systems that work: Reuse systems present an opportunity, but logistics continue to pose issues for food & beverage vendors who lack time or space to store containers for collection, while exported packaging products would face barriers in returning to their place of origin. For customers, it’s important to have a system in place that is both sustainable and easy to manage.

Standardisation of packaging: More generic container design could be one way forward to facilitate reuse, as is common in countries like Germany, but is there appetite for this among brands who are looking to stand out? Are we moving towards a future where standardised bottles will become the norm, accompanied by augmented reality or smart labeling to provide a brand experience?

Appealing to consumers: While sustainability is a priority, consumers still see design and premium feel as an important driver for purchase, helping to create an emotional link with their preferred brands. This is particularly relevant for products such as perfumery, spirits and food.

It’s very clear that sustainability trends are not only environmental, but also social and economic, and as an industry we’ll continue to work with customers to provide sustainably sound solutions that meet consumer needs, and which can be endlessly recycled, reused, exported and collected across Europe.

We’re always happy to hear from customers where we can support you in offering products that best meet consumer demand. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for advice or supporting communications materials to help your packaging tell a story, by getting in touch with Michael Delle Selve (

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