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European glass packaging production: Strong year 2019 growth trends affected by COVID-19 in the first half 2020

Brussels, 26 November 2020

Brussels, 26 November 2020

Unsurprisingly, in the first half of 2020, due to COVID-19, the production growth trends of the previous years slowed, according to figures released by FEVE – the EU container glass federation. The lockdown period seriously affected sales in the hospitality (horeca) sector throughout Europe – an important sector for glass packaging, although retailer sales kept up a strong pace. Despite the context, glass packaging production remained above HY2018 levels, and even recorded a slight increase in unit terms compared to HY2019.

This slowdown followed a very strong performance recorded for the Year 2019 when production grew at 3.2% in weight terms, outperforming EU GDP and industry own historic average growth.



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