Nothing is lost: Permanent materials at the heart of the EU circular economy

Permanent Material Loop

A study carried out by the Italian Research Institute ‘Stazione Sperimentale del Vetro’ confirms that glass has the superior status of  ‘permanent material’. That means that once it is produced for the first time, and properly collected and processed at its end of life, a glass container becomes the primary raw material for new and endless production loops without any loss of its intrinsic properties. It is at the heart of a proven and well-functioning Circular Economy.

By using recycled glass in a closed loop, the industry significantly reduces the use of other virgin raw materials.” commented Vitaliano Torno, FEVE President.  “The importance of permanent materials for resource efficiency and multiple recycling has been largely ignored so far. The industry is calling for a recognition of permanent materials, to reduce Europe’s reliance on extractive industries, land use and fossil fuels to produce packaging”.

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