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New leadership team elected at the European Container Glass Federation

Brussels, 21 June 2021

Brussels, 21 June 2021

FEVE – the European Container Glass Federation has elected its executive team for the 2021-2023 term of office at its Annual General Assembly last Friday 18th June.

Vitaliano Torno, O-I Glass President Business Operations & O-I Europe – one of Europe’s leading glass packaging manufacturers for the food and beverage sector – has been elected President of the EU container glass federation. Commenting on his appointment, Mr Torno said: “I look forward to working closely with FEVE members, staff, and the national associations to further strengthen our Circular Economy industry’s business model which is already a leading example”. He added: “We have the privilege to work with a material that has unique inherent sustainability benefits: it is endlessly recyclable and ensures quality and safety no matter how many times it is recycled. Glass is virtually inert and preserves the taste of the foods and beverages it protects. It adds prestige and the premium look and feel that supports our customers in nurturing their brands. And we are working towards glass as a climate-neutral and fully circular packaging.

The FEVE members also elected Martin Petersson, CEO Ardagh Glass Packaging – Europe, as Vice-President.  Mr Petersson commented: “This is an exciting time for the glass industry as we undertake one of the most important transitions to secure our future: the path to decarbonising glass packaging.   I am looking forward to supporting Vitaliano and the sector over the next two years in the drive to address climate change and the sustainability agenda.

See full version of the 21 June 2021 press release here


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