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FEVE Position on EU Waste Policy Revision

Brussels, 15 May 2014

Review of EU Waste Targets: Glass Packaging Industry is ready for a “Zero Waste” Policy and calls for Higher Recycling Targets and Separate Collection!

The transition to a resource-efficient economy is a unique opportunity for our societies to become waste free. The European Union should play a key role in pioneering such a concept. In order for this transition to be achieved successfully, the current linear industrial models (take-make-dispose) need to be progressively replaced by new circular ones (take-make-recycle). Glass as a material is a perfect fit for a circular model and a “zero waste” society. Once produced, glass becomes a permanent resource that can either be infinitely recycled in a closed loop, or used to produce reusable packaging solutions. Existing recycling and reuse systems that exploit waste as a precious resource for new production loops, such as demonstrated by glass packaging, need to be acknowledged and supported by legislation. In this framework, the current review of the EU Waste and Packaging and Packaging Waste directives is an important opportunity to push for a zero waste policy in Europe and develop the circular economy model.

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