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European container glass industry position on the EC proposal for the packaging and packaging waste regulation

Brussels, 16 March 2023

By 2050 the container glass industry aims to achieve a major revolution, starting now, in the way we produce glass that is fit for a circular and climate-neutral economy. The container glass industry is strategic to the European economy because it services the essential European food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors as well as cosmetics and perfumery. The industry serves these sectors in domestic markets and is an enabler for the export of high-end products across the world, which in turn delivers wealth to our economies through trade. Products likely to be packed in glass contributed €250 billion to EU external trade in 2019.

The European Container Glass manufacturing is a genuine circular model, which perfectly fits with the EU’s ambition to build a circular economy. We are proud to work with a material that is fully reusable and infinitely recyclable as well as inert to keep products safe and secure. Our members work with their European and global customers to right-weight glass bottles, jars and flacons to deliver fit-for-purpose packaging. FEVE supports the objectives of the proposal for a Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation to ensure a well-functioning internal market, tackle the negative environmental and health impacts from packaging and packaging waste and promote the circularity of packaging.

We welcome the European Commission’s ambition to further promote the circularity of packaging. We consider however that some of the proposed measures would have strong repercussions on EU consumers and industry in Europe and abroad, without contributing to achieving the objectives of the Regulation.

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