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Deposit Return Systems perfect for re-useable packaging but not a universal solution for one way

Brussels, 9 December 2019

Brussels, 10/12/2019

Don’t be fooled by the “Deposit Return Systems” being discussed or put in place today – they are just another collection system for recycling one-way bottles and not new systems for reusable packaging as many believe.  Instead of using household recycling bins, the new DRS recycling systems will require citizens to take all the packaging they want to recycle back to the shop or supermarket.  DRS schemes work on the basis of non-redeemed deposits so consumers will also end up paying a lot more than the producers.  For glass packaging it is much more convenient for consumers to recycle  their glass packaging via home collection systems or local bottle banks yet some DRS recycling schemes are determined to include one-way glass at any cost even though glass has well established household collection schemes for recycling that achieve very high recycling rates. Everywhere they are installed, DRS schemes take value from household collections and rely on the consumers to pay a large share of their costs – not the producer. FEVE commissioned a report from Oakdene Hollins to look into the impact of the introduction of DRS as an alternative collection system to recycle glass packaging and the results are not pretty!

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