Case study: Confidence through traceability


Traceability is a requirement in any modern process. Over time, the requirements of the industry evolve. Strict FIFOs and complete quality verifications could be difficult to combine and human interactions are prone to errors. With millions of warehouse movements per year, perfect, instant traceability was the ultimate objective.


Vidrala applied RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology to all of their pallets in an attempt to give perfect traceability that would otherwise be unaffordable. Each of the pallets was retro-fitted with an RFID tag that marks the information of the product. These codes are read by the forklifts in each level of the process.  The tags allow the company to know which pallets are in use and where each pallet is located at any given time.


The main benefit of this new system is total confidence for customers.  The quality department can block a pallet anywhere without time consuming warehouse movements and minimizes process errors. The possibility to use the tags for inventory management and reduced movement in the warehouses positively impacts cost and has significant environmental benefits.