Glass packaging never loses its quality no matter how many times it’s recycled. Made of mostly recycled glass, and raw materials abundant in nature like sand or limestone – glass is 100% and endlessly recyclable.  That’s why we call glass a permanent material.

The average amount of recycled glass (cullet) used in glass packaging today is 52%.  In Europe, 7 in 10 glass bottles are collected for recycling in the EU, and 90% of them close the loop as they go back into a bottle to bottle production system.

Each time a bottle or jar is recycled, energy and raw materials are saved and less CO2 is emitted. Thanks to glass recycling, over 12 million tons of virgin raw materials are saved every year. Over 7 million tons of CO2 are avoided – that’s equivalent to taking 4 million cars off the road. Each 10% increase in cullet usage results in up to 3% energy savings.