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1st September 2020

The  German glass packaging  manufacturer Wiegand-Glas announces the production of the new Eco2Bottle, a climate-neutral wine bottle made of guaranteed 93% recycled glass.

This innovative glass packaging concept is the result of a collaboration of  Wiegand-Glas with a  group  of students from the Internationale Weinwirtschaft (International Wine Business) .

The Eco2Bottle is a 0.75 liter Bordeaux shaped wine bottle weighing 390 grams, which is almost 20% lighter than comparable wine bottles in the Wiegand-Glas portfolio. This lighter bottle allows for more efficient use of raw and recycled materials, as well as a reduction in transportation costs for the suppliers and consumers – all while maintaining a climate-neutral product. The Eco2Bottle not only protects the environment, it preserves the quality of the wine contained within.

To further reduce CO2-emissions, the Eco2Bottle is produced exclusively with climate-neutral electricity from 100% hydropower (VERBUND) and from guaranteed 93% recycled glass. Compared to the national  German average rates the Eco2Bottle saves 11% more energy and 13% of CO2-emissions through the higher use of recycled glass.

Wiegand-Glas compensates for unavoidable emissions, such as those resulting from the burning of natural gas during the production process, by investing in a carbon offset project. In cooperation with ClimatePartner, Wiegand-Glas supports the tree planting initiative “Bäume pflanzen in Deutschland”. Thus, the CO2-emissions resulting from the entire production process of the wine bottle are completely compensated.

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Glass is made from natural ingredients – making it best for preserving taste and quality​. As a tasteless and odourless material with no chemical interaction, glass prevents the transfer.




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