Case study: Verallia Easy Open


Often times wine bottle capsules can be difficult to be removed by end-consumers. Sometimes, they even get injured by the capsule (small cuts). Furthermore, the capsule is cut in irregular shapes, which damages the image of the wine once it is open.


Verallia Easy Open (VEO) is a new cork finish that incorporates a signal (indent) to indicate where the capsule should be cut to be removed. The capsule is cut until the signal in a regular shape, improving the image of the bottle once it is open. VEO is a safer option as it avoids consumers getting injured while opening the bottle. Lastly, wine p
roducers do not need to change their bottling line to incorporate this technology.

OutcomeVerallia Easy Open 1

VEO makes for easier and safer opening of wine bottles as well as a better image of the bottle once it is open. In addition, bottlers don’t need to make changes in their bottling machine to adapt VEO.