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Bormioli Luigi unveils an eco-friendly lacquering technique for glass flacons

Brussels, 31 August 2020

Parma, July 2020

Bormioli Luigi unveils an eco-friendly lacquering technique for glass flacons

The Italian glassmaker has developed a method of ceramic lacquering. Without resorting to toxic or polluting substances, Bormioli Luigi ensures that the optical and tactile effect of a satin finish is reproduced. The bottle is coated with a water-based lacquer that vitrifies at around 600 ° C to create a satin finish on the surface of the package. The absence of harmful substances in this process would present a series of advantages: lower impact on the environment, absence of emissions of volatile organic compounds or toxic waste.

In terms of safety too, the technique is innovative and the packaging becomes 100% recyclable. In addition, machining waste is minimal, since the sprayed product does not adhere to the bottle, allowing excess material to be recovered and reused. Finally, Bormioli Luigi ensures that no material transfer problem has been observed with the bottles treated with aqueous lacquering.

So much so that this method has been adopted in the food sector for finishing glasses and bottles. Aesthetically, ceramic lacquering offers greater versatility than acid etching. Many pigments can be used and the intensity of the colors can be calibrated. This solution is compatible with certain additional machining operations, in particular decorations that can be fired up to 600 ° C.


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