Health vision

Vision: Glass and Health

Glass is an inert, pure and 100% all-natural material – making it the safest choice for health.

Preserving quality

Whether a favourite food, drink or favourite perfume, we all look for quality in the products we purchase. Glass is the perfect packaging for this. It preserves the contents’ vitamins, taste, fizziness,  freshness and fragrance by acting as a natural barrier to potentially-harmful bacteria or changes in temperature. Even the colour of glass can make a difference: beer and wine producers choose to bottle their products in green and amber glass because it provides protection from exposure to UV rays.

Families first

Ask any parent what is most important for their family and they will tell you, health, first and foremost. Personal health conditions and food safety rank among the top consumer concerns in Europe, and 90% of parents of young children specifically worry about food safety in relation to their kids. The completely inert properties of glass can ease such concerns. European consumers understand and appreciate this, with 61% opting for glass packaging because it is safer for their health.

Free from contamination

It is not just consumers who think glass is the safest option. Extensive scientific research has proved beyond any doubt that glass protects consumer health more than any other packaging material. No substances of glass packaging migrate into food. Glass represents a 100% safe, ideal food packaging material with respect to consumers’ health and food safety.

The safest packaging material

Glass is the safest packaging material for consumer health. It is inert, meaning that glass containers do not interact with their contents. It is an impermeable barrier and does not contain harmful or toxic chemicals. Due to these properties, glass is extensively used in toxicology and environmental tests around the world.

Safe by definition

Glass is also recognised as safe in stringent global health and consumer legislation. The European Commission recommends glass as the safest packaging for feeding bottles intended for infants.  It doesn’t contain BPA and it is safe for human health. Also U.S. legislation acknowledges glass as one of the few packaging materials Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).