The Furnace for the Future (F4)

Why the implementation of the F4F will be important for the whole EU Circular Economy

Leading glass know-how

The European glass packaging industry is an authentic EU Circular Economy with 162 manufacturing plants in 23 European countries, one of the largest production centres of Container Glass in the world. More than 125,000 people work in the glass packaging value chain across Europe. On average nearly 300 direct jobs are provided by each of the glass packaging plants in Europe, and for every direct job 1.9 jobs are created in the community.

Maintain global leadership

Europe is also a leader in glass furnace and machinery technology and know-how worldwide. Constructing this breakthrough project in Europe will help reinforce and secure Europe’s leadership in this sector too and enhance the reputation of the whole industry globally.

Support local jobs

Glass packaging is an industry of proximity for the whole value chain, from the raw materials suppliers to end consumers. On average, more than 70% of raw materials used in container glass production travel less than 300 km prior to being used in a glass furnace. Likewise, glass plants deliver more than 50% of their products to fillers within 300km.

Strengthen glass as a strategic enabler to the economy and European welfare

The container glass industry serves the essential EU food, beverage and pharmaceutical sectors as well as cosmetics and perfumery. The industry serves these sectors in domestic markets and is an enabler for the export of high-end products across the world. According to the latest industry figures, the sector exports around €1.2 billion value of empty bottles and jars. If we take account of items generally packed in glass, glass enabled extra EU exports of around €250 billion in 2019. This implies glass containers and items packed in glass drive more extra EU export earnings than plastics resins & pellets, organic chemicals or aircraft. It is the preferred packaging material of 91% of uropean Consumers and 51% have declared they buy more products in glass packaging than 3 years ago. As we speak, factories are running around the clock to help meet the urgent demand for glass vials for Coronavirus vaccines.

Our industry substantially contributes to the EU welfare and to fiscal revenues. The direct contribution of the container glass sector to public finances (state, regional and local authorities, social welfare systems) is estimated at almost €1 billion per year. Production represents €1.7 billion of salaries paid to direct employees.