Joint FEVE / FERVER Position Paper : Quality over Quantity: Reporting on Real Recycling

FERVER –  the association of glass recycling companies in Europe – and FEVE are committed to increasing the quality and efficiency of the glass recycling value chain through separate collection, quality recycling and closed loop manufacturing of glass.

The two industries support a single, harmonised and ambitious calculation methodology for all Member States and all materials.

With regard the measurement point, all material streams should have an equal level of ambition when reporting recycling rates, regardless of the complexity of different recycling value chains. One principle should be at the heart of an ambitious measurement policy: reporting should occur at the point where recycled materials can substitute virgin raw materials in a production process.

For glass, as a permanent material operating in a closed loop system, this would mean the output of the final sorting operation, where materials are destined to enter a production process.

Accounting at the point where real recycling occurs rather than at the point of collection of waste for recycling is more ambitious than the current system. Therefore recycling targets should be adjusted to fit this more ambitious measurement point. In the case of glass, for instance, measuring at the output of the final sorting operation and aiming for a 90% recycling target would effectively mean having to collect more than 100% of all glass packaging put on the market. This would no longer be a realistic target.

See Joint FERVER and FEVE position paper of 17 January 2017