Glass packaging closed loop recycling up to 74% in the EU

Brussels, 2 November 2016

The average glass recycling rate in the EU28 zone has reached the 74% threshold for the first time. This means that over 11.6 million tons were collected throughout the European Union in 2014 or 3.5% more than in the previous year. The majority of that goes back into making new packaging: glass stands alone as the most closed loop recycled food and drink packaging in the EU and in the world.  However, some 26% of glass bottles and jars are still today lost in landfills in Europe, and year to year comparison of national data reveals a multi-faceted landscape.

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EU Container Glass Production Growth shows Industry Resilience

Last year, a solid growth was recorded for the European container glass industry. In the EU28, production volume increased by 1.6% according to FEVE 2014 data published today.  More than 22 million tons or some 50 billion glass containers were sold to customers inside and outside EU markets. All EU countries recorded positive growth although at different paces. Poland posted a 7.4% increase – the highest in the EU region. Growth in the South-East area (2.9%), North-Central area (2.1%) and France (2.2%) were also above the EU average. Outside the EU zone, Turkey recorded a striking 14.8% growth compared to the previous year.  Data refer to container glass for food and drink as well as to flacons for perfumery, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors. These data confirm a stable trend of the previous years.

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 Half Year 2014 – Positive signals for the industry

According to the FEVE market statistics , production data for the first six months of 2014 show a general positive trend in most of the European countries. Total production volume has increased by 1,2% in the European Union (EU27) in this first half year with 120KTons produced more than in the 1HY 2013. The positive trend is confirmed in some big markets: France (0.3%), Germany (2.4%), Spain (2.5%) and United Kingdom (2.8%). Poland data are the most positive (10%), while Portugal (-1.5%) and Italy (-5%) have partially lost the positive pace of the previous months. A positive growth is also recorded in the North&Central regions (3.9%) and in the South&East region (4.3%). Turkey recorded a slowdown of production (-9.7%) compared to the growth of the previous years.