New Job Opportunity - Expert in the Food and Beverage Retail sector

New Job Opportunity - Expert in the Food and Beverage Retail sector

Expert in the Food and Beverage Retail sector

FEVE would love to hear from experts in the F & B retail business who are interested to advise our industry.

We are the European Federation of glass packaging and glass tableware makers and the official voice of the glass container industry in Europe.

We are looking for an expert who can help us:

  • Understand the fundamental factors influencing the decision-making process in the food and beverage retail business and product selection.
  • Build awareness within FEVE on how a product packaging material can influence and trigger retailer interest towards one product as opposed to another.
  • Identify channels and contacts in the retailer organizations who influence decisions.
  • Work with national associations and companies to design a retail strategy to key EU retailers

Do you have …

  • previous experience working in a strategic role in either the food and drink industry supplying retailers, food and beverage retail business, or in a retail industry association.
  • excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and are able to listen to stakeholders, as well as represent and explain positions and ideas, internally and externally, at all levels.
  • the experience in corporate social responsibility and sustainability programmes for the food and beverage sector
  • the focus on results and are business oriented, able to analyse and understand market data and dynamics.
  • a university degree (preferably in business, commerce, marketing)
  • Speak fluent English and any other EU languages

Please get in touch with us by sending us your bio.  We’d love to hear from you.

Adeline Farrelly
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